“A Throne Beside the Sea” was premiered in February of 2015 by the University of Michigan Euphonium-Tuba Ensemble (UMETE). It was written and scored specifically for this ensemble, which often enjoys a roster of 15-25 musicians, and is therefore richly textured. Being primarily through-composed, “A Throne Beside the Sea” is an adventure through an imaginary landscape/soundscape.


The title of this piece takes its inspiration from the song “Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again” by the post-rock band La Dispute. Musically, there are no intentional similarities between this composition and the song. However, the story of the song inspired the general aesthetic of the work. La Dispute’s song tells the story of a pair of lovers whom are separated by a tragic incident on the shore of a beach, during which one of them perishes. However, the despair and sadness transmute into beauty toward the end, and one of the lovers imagines the seraphs envying their love.


“A Throne Beside the Sea” does not directly mirror this story. As I wrote, I imagined that one of the lovers left a monument to their love as they perished: a massive marble throne residing on the beach where the lover was swallowed by the ocean. In other words, the work is a monument to the sentimental beauty of love.

A Throne Beside the Sea (2014)

  • File will be provided as a printable PDF containing a title page, program notes, score, and individual parts.


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