“As Glass” was composed in the summer of 2017, and was inspired by a poem of the same title by Patrick Rosal. The poem deals generally with Rosal’s complex relationship with his father. This piece does not directly reflect the content of the poem, but does incorporate the idea of glass’s melting point, which Rosal references indirectly. This work attempts to capture the sensation of looking through a pane of glass at different angles, and observing the subtle shifts in light which occur as one does so.


A quartet or a full ensemble may perform this piece, since it contains only four parts. If performing it as an ensemble, special care must be taken to balance melodic figures. Dynamics throughout are assigned based on these figures, and should be adhered to closely in either an ensemble or a quartet.

As Glass (2017)

  • File will be provided as a printable PDF containing a title page, program notes, score, and individual parts.


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