This work was composed in the Spring of 2019, during my time as a Fellow at the New World Symphony. After deciding to return to Brevard Music Center for a third summer, I was inspired to compose a piece based on my impressions of the famous Blue Ridge Mountains in which Brevard is located. I knew that this work had to be of a larger scale than any of my prior works, in order to capture the grandeur of the mountain range, so I decided to compose for brass ensemble and percussion.


Blue Ridge follows the general arc of a day’s time, beginning with “Dawn” and ending with “Dusk.” In-between, we hear the Sunrise, a Thunderstorm, and Sunset. Each section is distinct in terms of color and orchestration, but one can hear a common theme that weaves its way throughout the work. Many of the orchestrational aspects are even the same throughout the piece, but they take on different characters as the day goes on, much like the way that sunlight and shadow change the appearance of the topography of the mountains. Everything in the piece is based on the introductory horn motive, from which spins an abstract tale of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Blue Ridge

  • File will be provided as a printable PDF containing a title page, program notes, score, and individual parts.


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