This short, flashy work was commissioned by the New World Symphony during my time as a Fellow and was written to celebrate the 70th birthday of Board Chairman Edward Manno Shumsky. Mr. Shumsky has been a champion of the arts throughout his career as a lawyer and he has been a highly respected and deeply admired steward of NWS and its vision: “The New World Symphony envisions a strong and secure future for classical music and will redefine, reaffirm, express and share its traditions with as many people as possible.”

This fanfare is rhythmic and angular, but not without catchy melodic lines. Its quick, relentless introduction was inspired by the music of the progressive metal act Periphery, and it uses some elements of set theory in its pitch material. Overall, this work is intended to reflect the cutting-edge attitude of the New World Symphony’s mission and programming, and to embody Mr. Shumsky’s enthusiasm for the classical music tradition.

New World Fanfare (2018)


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