This work was commissioned by Caroline and Mike Steiger, two long-time friends and colleagues of mine. I am deeply grateful to them for asking me to write this piece, as they were both inspirations to me while I was an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. They were graduate students at the time.

After hearing the premiere of my work for horn, euphonium, and vibraphone – Springing Upward from the Earth – they reached out to me for a new work for their instrumentation. They wanted something exciting, brash, groovy, and with a few extended techniques. Reflections fulfills all of these requests with my own heavy metal background mixed into the pitch material. The result is a demanding work for all three musicians, but one that is sure to have feet tapping in the audience!

The title of this work comes from an untitled prose poem I wrote while at Brevard Music Center
in the summer of 2018. That poem is included below:

There are shadows on the inside of the morning, and reflections on the bottom of the sun. Leaves are silhouettes, and branches are borders. I will not trespass; I will simply pass through the shadows, where none will be disturbed. The rippling mirrors are never silent.

Reflections on the Bottom of the Sun (2018)

  • File will be provided as a printable PDF containing a title page, program notes, score, and individual parts.


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