This work was my first foray into writing for tuba and piano. The piece takes its title from two lines by Wallace Stevens in part three of his poem “The Comedian as the Letter C.” The lines read:


The book of moonlight is not written yet

Nor half begun, but, when it is, leave room


The poem goes on, continuing to discuss the story of Crispin and his journey from Bordeaux to Yucatán to North Carolina. This piece does not reflect the subject matter of the entire, rather long poem, nor its original inspiration.


When I read those lines in Stevens’ poem, I was going through a time of great personal and emotional upheaval in my life. Many of the issues that arose during that time continued to rear their heads over the long course of my work on this piece, which was sporadic. It was difficult to sit down and write what I knew this piece was drawing from my heart. In a way, his words reminded me that the future is yet undetermined, and I must leave room in my life for change and growth. I believe many of us can benefit from this reminder. We all must let the moonlight write itself into our skies, and allow the always-rising sun to wash away the natural pain of being human. We must leave room for joy and love.

the book of moonlight (2016)

  • File will be provided as a printable PDF containing a title page, program notes, score, and individual parts.


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