This quartet, in its original version, was premiered by a quartet of undergraduate students at the University of Michigan in March of 2016. The performers were: Riley Bahin and John West, euphoniums; Nick Beltchev and Evan Zegiel, tubas.


I began the initial work on this composition during the Winter semester of 2014. As a sophomore at the time, this was my first serious foray into composing. Before then, I had only written brass band tunes and metal or punk songs. My music theory class was heavily focused on analyzing the tenets and deviations from sonata form, so I challenged myself to write in a similar style. My goal was to write something for euphonium-tuba quartet that would “sound classical” but would incorporate more adventurous and unstable harmony, humorous moments, and abrupt shifts in texture and style.


This quartet was revised during the Fall of 2017, in the interest of creating greater concision and musical impact.

Tuba Quartet No. 1 (2014-17)

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