This work follows in the same vein as my first quartet, though it is considerably darker in its mood. I composed this piece during the summer of 2017, during which time I was listening to many of Shostakovich’s solo piano works. His music has been deeply inspirational to me in recent years, though I do not dare claim that my compositional skills are at all comparable to his! I was also listening to albums by progressive metal bands Northlane, Sikth, and Periphery during that summer.


This quartet reflects the dark, dissonant qualities of all of these musical stimuli, but it also contains moments of repose and sections that “groove.” It is best performed as a quartet, but could also be adapted to an ensemble piece, with parts being doubled or tripled, especially the second movement.

Tuba Quartet No. 2 (2017)

  • File will be provided as a printable PDF containing a title page, program notes, score, and individual parts.


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