Wondering was composed in the spring of 2018 after my piece The open music connects the ink. (which was premiered earlier in 2018 by Gram Lee, Grant Futch, Eliud Garcia, and Jake Fewx) received a warm reception. It is another piece that provides the orchestra low brass section with music to play beyond orchestral excerpts.

The work is mainly an extended 4-part chorale. It is slightly more adventurous in terms of tonality than the average Bach chorale, which should provide players with a fun and distinct challenge. The inspiration for the title, and portions of the musical material of the work, came from my recent ruminations on the world at large. I have spent many afternoons sitting on my porch and watching the sky slowly change into its evening colors, and these quiet moments often take my thoughts in myriad directions. The only word I felt captured part of this mood was “wonder.” The part uncaptured by a single word can be explained, hopefully, by a few: this work is a short glimpse into the depth, conflict, and confusion of the human condition. It is a meditation on the smallness of our lives, and the grandeur of the universe. It is a depiction of the wonder that strikes when we watch sunsets, walk amongst woods and flowers, gaze at the Milky Way from the middle of a cornfield, and stand at the feet of mountains.

Most importantly, this work is music, and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Wondering (2018)

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