Bone to Pick - 2017 (Cimarron Music Press)

  • Premiered October 12, 2018 by Matthew Halbert at Central College.

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Aura - 2019 (euphonium, tuba, piano, narration by instrumentalists)

  • Composed for Conviviality - James Long (euphonium), Brendan Ige (tuba), and Amy Ige (piano).

  • Recording

New World Fanfare - 2019 (brass quintet)

Piano Trio No. 1 - 2019 (two tubas, piano)

  • Dedicated to Aubrey Foard and Derek Fenstermacher

  • Upcoming premiere: March 20, 2020 at Michigan State University

Reflections on the Bottom of the Sun - 2018 (horn, trombone, piano)

  • Premiered September 15, 2018 by Caroline Steiger (horn), Mike Steiger (trombone), and Faith DeBow (piano) at Texas State University.

Springing Upward from the Earth - 2018 (horn, euphonium, vibraphone)

  • Premiered May 24, 2018 by Ben Wulfman (horn), Matthew Kundler (euphonium), and May Lee (vibraphone) at Northwestern University.

  • Premiere Recording

The open music connects the ink. - 2018 (3 trombones, 1 tuba)

Wondering - 2018 (3 trombones, 1 tuba)

  • Premiered November 12, 2018  by Myles Blakemore & Joesph Peterson (trombones), Lisa Stoneham (bass trombone), and Evan Zegiel (tuba) at New World Center.


Shadow Dreams - 2016

  • Premiered February 12, 2017 by the University of Michigan Euphonium-Tuba Ensemble.

  • Premiere Recording

A Throne Beside the Sea - 2014

  • Premiered February 17, 2015 by the University of Michigan Euphonium-Tuba Ensemble.


As Glass - 2017

Tuba Quartet No. 2 - 2017

Tuba Quartet No. 1 - 2014, revised 2017

  • Premiered March 2016 by Riley Bahin & John West (euphoniums) and Nick Beltchev & Evan Zegiel (tubas) at the University of Michigan.

  • Premiere Recording (2014 version)


Sonata for Tuba and Piano - 2017 (Cimarrron Music Press)

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  • Recording

  • Premiered March 4, 2019 by Evan Zegiel (tuba) and Mary Grace Ellerbee (piano).

the book of moonlight - 2016-'17

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  • Recording

  • Premiered March 14, 2018 by Evan Zegiel (tuba) and Joshua Marzan (piano).

  • Recorded May 24, 2018 by Evan Zegiel (tuba) and Matthew Thompson (piano).


Footprints - 2020 (alto flute, vibraphone, cymbals)

  • ​Written for Nicholas Buonanni

Low Reed Quintet - 2019 (english horn, B-flat clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, bassoon)

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